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We’ll help you design, configure and maintain your hosted voice network system.

There is a shift in the communication paradigm in recent years and companies have been tapping the potential of the internet for low-cost voice service solutions. We can help you explore this for your business through our value-added Voice Over Internet Protocol technologies. Shift your business towards low-risk and cost-effective solutions that use digital means as their backbone with us. Our latest cable technology for your comprehensive coverage of data and telephone is all you need now for your future.

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Years experience
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We bring voice, wireless, data, and security altogether and at once for you!

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    Implement VoIP for your business and eliminate a huge chunk of phone bills every month. Be it an on-premise setup or a cloud configuration, we’ll help you with the complete transition and smooth onboarding.

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    One of the must consider aspects of going into the VoIP module for your business is to partner with a provider who can grow alongside you and shift you towards upgradation as you scale. Our experts can seamlessly do this for you.

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    We can cater to your specific needs through our tailored advisory and custom solutions. We are available 24×7 round-the-clock for any of your maintenance, repair, or upgradation requirements that you might want along the way.

Why should you go for it?

Your business will always be on-the-go and will remain more productive!

  • Improved Communications

    Your business can stay connected better with our voice and data network services. It comes as an integrated package of audio, video, texts and more with call forwarding and recording features which can help you regulate your workflow better

  • Saves Ton of Money

    One of the key factors that you should consider for making this transition is looking into the amount of money you can save. Combine both your phone service requirements and your internet under a single roof and enjoy the full capacity of both!

  • Unlimited Features

    Conference calling, unlimited international connection, call forwarding, queuing, remote accessibility, and much more comes together. Would you say no to something that comes with the whole package at an extremely reasonable price range?

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Pricing and Plan

1 monthly fee for all IT services. No costly surprises


Designed for businesses with basic IT requirements
$29 /month
Pricing includes coverage for users
  • All careBasic services include:
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Security management
  • Patch management
  • Remote support


Designed for businesses looking to eliminate costly break/fix IT services
$49 /month
Pricing includes coverage for users
  • All carePlus services include:
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Asset management
  • Secure cloud backup
  • Server/Network support


A fully comprehensive plan for any business size or needs.
$69 /month
Pricing includes coverage for users
  • All carePro services include:
  • Reporting
  • Vendor management
  • Virtual CIO (vCIO)
  • Workstation support