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Fire Suppression

Control, contain, and get your systems out of harm’s way faster.

Cloudbyts can help you with rapid-fire detection and suppression technologies!

Unprecedented fire breakouts can shake the whole foundation of your business if you don’t have integrated systems that can bring the situation under control faster. Prevent your data center from these adverse effects through reliable fire alarms and suppression mechanisms with Cloudbyts. We can help you with cutting-edge technology for rapid fault/fire detections that will kick-start automated isolation and shutdown mechanisms, thus bringing the situation under control before any escalation.

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Years experience
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Certified experts
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Don’t let your infrastructure stay vulnerable. Empower your safety systems with us. Let’s get started!

All it takes is one spark, but all you need is one well-planned solution.

Cloudbyts can cover all corners of your data center’s safety for you!

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    Through sensitive smoke detectors and room-temperature control monitors, Cloudbyts can help you with rapid first-line fire monitors.

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    Cloudbyts can help you with the installation and maintenance of international-standard fireproof walls which can contain your damage from spreading around.

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    Fire-rated Floors

    By upgrading your infrastructure, we can help you with room-level and building-level protections that can prevent potential damages away from the first fire breaking point.

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    Dispersion Systems

    Mitigate all your structural damages through synthetic fire suppression systems like FM200 and NOVEC1230. They’re also sustainable as they are of very low toxicity.

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    Aisle containment

    Prevent the extent of damages caused by isolating the are of fire breakout from the rest of your infrastructure through our innovative aisle containment solutions.

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    Design & Deployment

    Not all data centers are created equal, so you can’t equip yours with pre-build safety devices at random. Cloudbyts can help you with the planning and implementation that is specific to you!

Why choose us?

We can future-proof your data center the right way!

  • Expert Solutions

    We understand that your data center safety is crucial for your business. We thus employ our best technical experts and the most accurate solutions that best suit your data center requirements.

  • Improved Safety

    Our team is always on the look-out for new industrial updates and upgrades. At any point in time, we always are on the edge of innovation and we offer you just that.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

    We don’t just stop at providing you advisory or delivering the technology. We take care of the entire safety of your premises starting from initial planning to the overall setting-up.

You’re one step away from protecting the whole of your data center. Contact us today!

At Cloudbyts we believe that it’s the people who matter the most for a lasting business relationship. We are not just going to be your next vendor, but also remain a valuable asset.